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Tucked back in the mountains of Cornucopia, Oregon in a historic abandoned mining town sat an old vintage Tucker Sno Cat. As a guy who has had years of various auto restorations under his belt as well as a passion for all things snow, this intrigued Jesse. He was able to make a purchase deal with the owner and brought what would be his first of many Vintage Tucker Sno Cats home. It didn't take him long before he dove right into the history of Tucker Sno Cats, teaching himself nearly everything there is to know about these old machines. That first year he fully restored his 1966 543 Tucker Sno Cat. He grew a huge appreciation for these machines and the history they hold and really felt they needed to be preserved and shared with the public. Since then, he has grown quite a collection and the idea of doing public Vintage Sno Cat rides came about. To give everyone the opportunity to feel and relive what it would have been like to ride in some of the first over snow vehicles.

Welcome to Alpine Cat Tours Inc. (previously Vintage Snow Cats Inc.).

About Us


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Mt. hood skibowl
Apparel and more

Exciting information coming soon! Stay tuned!

We offer a variety of items in our Alpine Cats Online Store. All inspired by and featuring our vintage Tucker Sno-Cats in our collection. You will find t-shirts, hats, beanies, artwork, replacement Tucker Sno-Cat parts and more! Check back often as we are always adding more.


Visit Our Online Store HERE 

Alpine Cat Tours is your source for the highest quality replacement links and rollers for your vintage Tucker Sno-Cats.


Visit Our Online Store HERE 

Special events

We host an annual sno-cat Jamboree for any and all sno-cat owners that you will not want to miss! Click HERE to see information on our past Jamborees and any announcements regarding future events.


Based on availability many of our cats can also be hired for things such as advertisement, prop usage/picture vehicles, weddings, etc. If you would like this one of a kind opportunity to come to your special event, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to see if we can accomodate your needs.

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Alpine Cat Tours Inc.

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